Textile Trend 2017

November 17, 2016

Trend 2017: Metallic Foiling


Trend Overview

The new trend for this year is Metallic Foiling. Whether applied through actual foiling or other mimicking techniques, metallic detailing brings a luxurious shine to products. The color silver creates a mirror effect which looks sleek and edgy. The reflective and smooth characteristics of the fabrics appear modern while its natural origin evokes a feeling of familiarity. Grey tones and soft colors mixed with shimmering metallics create a sense of movement and excitement in the room surrounding it.

Metallic patterns can be added to solid colored surfaces or layered with another texture to create interesting surface effects. Taking the high demand for shades of grey and neutrals and applying a shimmering contrast of metallic silvers will instantly enchant the product. The amazing thing about adding metallic colors to a surface is that regardless of the other color, there will be high levels of contrast. The beauty of this trend is that it can mimic several looks, such as the ‘vintage effect’ or the ‘dirty look’.

Mirror Ball, Tom Dixon


This trend is important because, as the world becomes more environmentally aware, so does people’s taste in food, design, activites and style. Earthy colors, including minerals and metallics, remind people of nature. Metallic foiling is essentially an eco-inspired trend. Baby boomers, the hippie generation is still our largest consumer market because they are the ones purchasing goods for the millennials. The differing generations come together with their efforts to connect with nature, the earth and its organic resources. Using metallics in our indoor surroundings creates a calm ambiance while presenting the ultimate look of luxury.


Product Categories

Decorative, Decorative Pillows:

The extravagance of the Tom Dixon wingback sofa is shown through the metallic chaos in the background. Since the sofa is a simple solid black it requires requires the walls around it to be grand in order for it to be the focal of the room. However, most consumers are unable to decorate their walls in this lavish way. Most customers dislike the gaudiness and prefer a more subtle and polished look. If textiles, particularly decorative home textiles, were added to the equation, consumers would have the opportunity to design and decorate their sofa.


Wing back chair and sofa, Tom Dixon


The decorative pillows would complement the metallic accents on Tom Dixon chairs and enhance the simplicity of the chairs. When using colors that are complementary to Tom Dixon’s metallic furniture, the fabric possibilities are endless. Metallic foiling can easily be mimicked by prints, silkscreens, jacquards, sequins, studs and more. Silk and velvet fabrics also reflect light which provides the metallic look of this trend. Velvets will be soft and will match the texture of the Tom Dixon chairs. The goal is not so much comfort but more luxurious aesthetics, therefore, a full sequin dec pillow can decorate the sofa.


Tabletop: Placemats, napkins, tablecloth

Elegant tablecloths and matching napkins can be made using metallic silkscreened linen, cotton and some lightweight synthetic fabrics such as polyester and rayon. Place mats can be made of waterproof, woven, plastic like fabrics. The mats could be rounded in shape to complement Tom Dixon lighting.



Adding upholstery to the Tom Dixon stools would expand the lustrous look of the minimalist chairs. Fabrics used could be velvets, cottons, polyester blends and faux leathers. Metallic designs could be printed on solid color fabrics like black, or the upholstered piece could be one solid shiny silver. Some velours and fabrics could be a shiny solid color and pressed with a metallic pattern. The velvet fabrics and alike, will offer softness and luxury.

Target Brand

The Tom Dixon brand has been known for ages for its metallic furniture, yet the artist himself has yet to reach his peak of success. Tom Dixon believed in expanding creativity through artistic expression and loved working with metals. With today’s technology the metallics used in the brand’s hard goods can be easily translated into beautiful textiles. Tom Dixon is one of the only designers with the ability to transform the way people look at metallic fabrics. Translating his designs onto soft textiles will magnify the principals the brand stands by.